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Deionized Water Kits and Direct Fills

Deionized Water Kits and Cartridges are also available to purify the water. There are all kinds of dissolved impurities in most tap water. Our Deionized Water Kits can easily and in expensively remove those harmful impurities. The kit purifies the water prior to going into the battery. This helps keep the battery in peak operating condition and extend the life of the battery. Each cartridge purifies a average of 600 gallons of water. 

Liquid Precision Inc offers 3 different styles of Direct Fill Assemblies.
The Direct Fill Assemblies are used in combination with the MFS Float System. The direct fill connects the system to the water source. There is a ball or pinwheel in the direct fill assembly that show you that the water is flowing depending on which style of direct fill you purchase. Once the ball or pinwheel stops then you know the system has filled each cell to the proper level. Liquid Precision offers a 5 Gallon Gravity Tank, Battery Watering Indicators, SFS-400 Watering Tool, and lots more battery watering products and accessories.
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