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Why Choose Liquid Precision Inc


Fill batteries without having to remove vent covers. Avoid battery acid burns and noxious fumes. Each float comes with flame arrestors to prevent ignition of flammable battery cell gases. While using a battery watering gun, the automatic shutoff ensures proper water levels without over filling.

Extended Battery Life and Performance

A proper watered battery lasts longer and performs better. Overfilling a battery results in loss of acid. If charging with low electrolyte levels it may result in permanent damage to the lead plates. Both will result in loss of capacity and life expectancy of the battery. By using Liquid Precision Inc products and properly watering your batteries you will be saving money in the long run by not replacing your damaged batteries.


Installing a MFS Float System will save your employee's time by filling the battery watering cells all at once. Just hook the quick connect to your water source, turn the water on and watch each cell get watered at the same time. Just that easy. By installing a Deionized Water Kit you can add purified water to your batteries. Save time and money not going out the store and buying distilled water to add to your batteries.
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